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Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic Floor Heating Melbourne


Hydronic Floor Heating provides a comfortable home all year round

There’s nothing nicer in winter than having warm flooring in your house to be able to walk on, rather than freezing cold tiling or floorboards that sends cold chills through your entire body. That’s why hydronic floor heating is an amazing solution for heating your home. Heritage Hydronic Heating are the local experts in in-floor hydronic heating systems with many years of experience in the industry.

Hydronic heating can be set up using either room radiator panels or as an in-floor heating system. Hydronic floor heating works using a system of pipes that are cast in the concrete floor slab of a house. These pipes are connected to an energy efficient gas boiler that pumps heated liquid through the circuit, heating the concrete flooring in the process. This in turn heats the room with natural radiant heat from the bottom up; an extremely energy efficient method of heating, which heats the room evenly because of the natural rising of heated air. The hydronic floor heating circuit is separate from the normal hot water system in the house; the heated liquid returns in a loop to the boiler, meaning that the circuit only needs very occasional refilling with water.

Other advantages of Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic floor heating also has other advantages. Different rooms can be heated to different temperatures using electronic or thermostat systems, so you needn’t waste money heating rooms that are not in use. Hydronic floor heating is able to heat a room without stirring up dust and other allergens, and is therefore a healthy alternative to other fan-powered heating methods. It is also almost completely silent, unlike other heating systems like ducted heating which produce noticeable fan-like noise.

Because their installation can often be a complex process, it is best to enlist the services of qualified professionals who are skilled in the design and assembly of in-floor hydronic heating systems. At Heritage Hydronic Heating, all of our highly-trained plumbing technicians are in-house employees rather than subcontractors, which means that they have extensive experience specialising in in-floor hydronic heating installation. This enables us to provide consistently high quality systems to our customers.

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