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Gas Hydronic Heating

Gas Hydronic Heating

If you want to heat your entire house, a gas hydronic heating system is the most energy-efficient and cost effective option. For this reason, although the initial outlay can be higher than some other heating options, a gas hydronic system represents a better investment in the long term.

How Gas Hydronic Heating Systems Work

Gas hydronic heating systems function by circulating water heated by a central gas boiler throughout a network of pipes and radiator panels located throughout the house. A Hydronic heating system can be installed by embedding floor heating pipes within the concrete slab of a house during the process of construction. The embedded floor pipes then heat the surrounding concrete slab as heated water passes through them, resulting in warm floors and gently heated rooms throughout the entire house. The other method of installing gas hydronic heating is to run a hydronic pipe system throughout the wall and ceiling cavities of the house, which in turn lead to radiator panels mounted to the walls of each room. The radiatory panels are safe to the touch and can even be used to dry clothing and linen on.

Both types of gas hydronic heating systems utilise thermostats that can be used to regulate the temperature of each individual room, and by a digital system that can be used to control and adjust the temperature of different zones within the house, and set to operate according to timers.

A gas hydronic heating system also has health benefits, in that the heating of rooms does not rely upon the movement of air, unlike other fan-based heating systems, which stir up dust within the house. Instead, gas hydronic heating heats rooms via radiant heat, which means less movement of allergens and dust within your house, making it better for allergy or asthma sufferers. Another benefit is that it is silent; the gentle heat that radiates from hydronic panels does not produce fan noises that can be annoying when you are trying to watch television or listen to music.

In general, gas heating systems are cheaper to run than those that rely upon electricity. Installing a quality gas hydronic heating system is a great investment that will provide years of comfortable, safe and quiet heating for your home and family.

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