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Energy Efficient Heating

Energy Efficient Heating


Hydronic heating is the oldest form of central heating, proven to be effective and reliable over years of operation. It is the most commonly used form of heating throughout Europe. The excellent energy efficiency and low running costs of hydronic heating have made it the preferred choice of generations to centrally heat a home. If energy efficient heating is important to you and your family, look no further than the team at Heritage Hydronic Heating.Hydronic heating can be zoned either automatically or manually to further improve this energy efficient heating method. Domestic hot water and Solar water heat transfer can also be integrated into Hydronic heating. Effectively, your Hydronic heating boiler can be setup to supply all your heating and hot water from the one appliance! When paired with energy efficient heating boiler, the running costs are lower when compared to the traditional alternatives. Installing hydronic heating with Heritage Heating guarantees you will have the most efficient heating system for your home heating and/or hot water for years to come.

Advantages of utilising a energy efficient heating method in your home include:

  • Low greenhouse gas emission.
  • Adds to the sustainability of your home.
  • Long life span (some systems have been working for 50 years of reliable use).
  • Compatible with solar panels collectors to better improve efficiency.
  • The boilers used with the system run with up to 97% thermal efficiency.
  • Low running costs.
  • Silent and clean with no air circulation or dramatic changes in temperature, perfect for those with allergies or whom don’t like ‘dry’ air like that from reverse cycle systems.

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