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Energy Efficient Heaters Can Heat Your Home For Less

Energy Efficient Heaters Can Heat Your Home For Less


Modern domestic heating with energy efficient heaters is now the preferred choice of many Australian households. While the initial cost of installing a radiant heating system is comparatively higher than that of the conventional forced-air heating system, savings in the long run in the form of lower energy bills and reduced frequency of upkeep will pay back the high upfront costs. This accrued benefit classifies energy efficient heaters more as an investment rather than a household expense, and there are options to suit every home.

Overall Lower Consumption with Energy Efficient Heaters

First, with hydronic heating systems there is minimal heat wastage. Because furnaces used for the conventional forced-air heating system are difficult to seal-off completely, a significant amount of heat is lost. Hot air leaks out and is depleted even before it reaches the room thereby forcing residents to crank up the thermostat in order to feel warm. Hydronic heating, on the other hand, functions in a closed loop system, where heat travels effectively from energy efficient heaters to floor surfaces and walls. With regular upkeep, the chances of heat loss by a broken delivery chain are negligible. Second, because hot air rises, hydronic heating is more effective than conventional forced air heating. The former starts to warm a room from the ground up as opposed to the latter where large volumes of warm air are needed to overcome the tendency of hot air to rise. More energy is expended to produce large amounts of hot air in order to reach and warm the bottom of the room. The air that rises to the top of the room is lost as it escapes through the ceiling. Because of this, residents tend to set the thermostat at a higher temperature to compensate for this heat loss, the higher energy incurred translates to a higher electricity bill. Regular maintenance is at a minimum with hydronic heating because it functions as a closed watertight loop system. Heat loss through leaks can easily be detected and addressed by replacing the flexible pipes. Hydronic heating is more effective because the continuous and consistent supply of heat radiating from the floor and walls spreads out evenly in the room and it does not rely on moving air to maintain room temperature. Optimal comfort is achieved when room air and surface temperature work together to minimize body heat loss.

Zoning Heat with Energy Efficient Heaters

Another advantage of energy efficient heaters is using energy efficiently by “zoning” heat. Residents can decrease the thermostat of underutilized rooms with low foot traffic. This can be determined by the household’s daily routines and activities. Owners can adjust the amount of hot water flowing into a specific room’s hydronics system: increased for rooms that are used more frequently such as the bedroom and living room, and decreased for rooms such as the basement or attic. Being able to adjust the thermostat accordingly can help homeowners control their energy bill. Invest in energy efficient heaters now to reduce monthly household heating costs. Don’t miss out on the savings and comfort of a warm home! Read more about our energy efficient heaters or contact us at Heritage Hydronic Heating for a free quote.